• Workwear

    Pansula Workwear is the leading supplier of Overalls, Conti Suits & Safety Work Wear in South Africa. Our Commitment to our Valued Customers is to only manufacture the highest quality garment in the work wear industry by enhancing the Pansula clients experience and saving lives.

  • Quality

    Quality is what satisfies our customers, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality garments in the industry. For over 20 years, we have focused exclusively on the 2pce Overalls, 100% cotton conti suits, such as Poly Cotton Twill Conti Suits, Safety Wear, Denim Conti Suits, Dust Coats, Boiler Suits and Lady’s Canteen Overalls.

  • Tough

    Tough there are severe bar tacks on the conti suit jacket, all the pockets are double stitched for better stiffness. There are eight bar tacks at all pressure points on the conti suit trouser with double stitched front pockets. Re-Enforced stitching is done on all pressure points. “Our conti Suit is Built Touch”

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    • Safety tips for Covid-19

      The Global Pandemic known to all as Covid-19, has been the reason for many deaths around the world and consequently, the reason for increase in panic of the citizens globally. One major cause of panic is the confusion around face masks. What mask should we wear, how will the mask help us, etc. After extensive […]

    • 7 Steps to Keep Employees Safe In The Workplace

      1. Come to terms with reality. It can happen in your workplace. A perpetrator can be someone you know or a complete stranger. Living in denial is the riskiest strategy of all. Post-tragedy interviews prove the point: “I could never imagine it happening here,” you’ll often hear. 2. Be aware and teach awareness. Criminals use the element […]